Hey Girl!

I know you are passionate about starting your own Boutique.

You not only want to start your own Clothing Line BUT also share your style and designs with the world.

You want people to wear your designs and show them off.

BUT. . .  . . . You’re trying too hard.

You’re trying to work it all out in between your hectic work schedules and family demands.

You’ve given every technique a try and downloaded every freebie you can find over the internet.

Maybe you snagged the “Guide to Sell Graphic Tees” freebie that got you here!

You’re trying to make sh*t happen but most likely you are just combining ideas that you’ve read without a start or an end and wishing for it to work. Praying for things to work out instead of falling apart. and you can’t figure out why it’s not working for ‘you’ when it seems to be working out for ‘them’.

Aren’t you tired of playing hit and try and not getting anywhere?

Are you struggling to put all the pieces together for your website, then adding products, marketing it and before you know it it’s time for a domain renewal and you haven’t made a penny?

Are you struggling because you have no idea how to set up a website and the platforms that are easy to use are expensive AF?

You don’t even know how to make a design on photoshop BUT still trying because you have some amazing ideas that you want to showcase to the world?

The ideas that don’t let you sleep at night and you can’t wait for people to see!

There’s a way to pull it all together and show the world what you’ve got!

So, what’s holding you back?

Lack of skills to pull off your idea?

Trying everything except what will actually work for you?

Doing everything by yourself instead of focusing on what you good at?

Overwhelm and frustration because the good website builders are expensive and the inexpensive ones are complicated?

Here’s what I know –

  • To get ahead you have to learn how to work smarter not harder,
  • You are more effective when you are doing things you know and love instead of things you have no idea about
  • Success is learning how to leverage your time and money so you can focus on what’s important

I’ve created a program to help you

Build Your Own Boutique.

A complete pre-programmed, pre-loaded with your exclusive designs, ready to launch website.


Because I know you are tired of trying to figure it all out by yourself.

Babydoll, it’s time to give up or level up!

The choice is yours to make!


This program will give you everything you need including:

Branding Experience:

+ Logo Design +Sub Logo +Social Media Templates

Website Design:

+ Website designed on a user-friendly platform and one year of domain

+ Products uploaded with designs created exclusively for your Boutique

+ Following pages set up with fill in the blank template + Contact Us + About Us + Delivery and Shipping Policy + Return policy + Size Chart + Privacy Policy + FAQs

+ Instructions on how to add more products to your website.

You’ll also get –

+ 10 product designs to launch your website with + Social Media Templates sized to Instagram & Facebook posts for promoting your store + Blog Posts + Posting Game Plan + Email templates

And a lot of Bonuses from me!

Looks like something that would make life and open an Online Boutique easy?


Before you jump in, I want you to know. . . .


It’s only for babes that are ready to seriously level up and ready to take things up a notch!

So my question to you is – are you ready?