Here’s a thing – If you’ve come across this blog, it’s because you are searching for something. You found a pin on Pinterest or a post on Instagram or any other social media channel and you want answers.

You want to know more about wanting to start your own online business, be a boutique owner and create beautiful things.

If that’s YOU, then you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to tell you that I can help.

Who the heck am I?

I’m Garima, the hearts and brain behind “Curious”. I’m a wifey, coffee lover, bookworm, music addict, #bossbabe, consultant and your girl next door kinda- girl.

I help curious babes like you start + grow your e-commerce biz with tried and tested strategies and systems, making it fun and exciting!

I know you’ve come across freebies that barely scratched an itch to know more or received re-packaged information that you read last year, but I want to tell you that this is not your ordinary blog.

The world of e-commerce is not one size fit all and nor is this blog. What worked for me or my clients, may or may not work for you.

Why is some information repetitive?

Every business, be it online or offline requires building a foundation. Just like you can not expect to build a multi-story building on a sloppy foundation, you can not expect to build a business on one either.

At, I help you build a foundation and start your Online Boutique so you know exactly what you doing and what you need to do in order to grow your business.

I know you are a DIY girl, who’s always trying to find new ways, learn new things and do it all by yourself, putting more effort, downloading every freebie you find because you have the fire most don’t!

Here are a few things to help you get started on your journey-

6 Steps To Starting An E-Commerce Store – This blog is set up to help you get started towards building your Online Boutique.



E-Commerce Glossary and Terms – Starting an Online Boutique requires a lot of learning and coming across alien terms. Read this blog to get a hang of gibberish and jargons.


WTH is Dropshipping – I know you’ve come across this term so many times and wonder WTH it is and how it can help you start your online boutique. Read here!


de-clutter_house (1).png

15 Clothing Boutique Wholesalers List – A list of 15 Clothing wholesalers and dropshippers to help you get started with your Online Boutique.