Curious Babe is a community of Badass, Human AF biz babes who love, empower & supper one another in their journey through business & life.

#CuriousBabe is for hustlers, dream chasers, human AF babes who aren’t afraid to break rules, take action and believe in themselves.

For babes wanting to start their own online business to those running one, the group supports all #girlbosses.


CuriousBabe is for babes who –

  • Want to or already are running their own Online Business
  • Inspire, empower & support their tribe
  • Ready to shine unapologetically


If you are someone who is –

  • Tired of playing small and want to take things up a notch
  • Ready to ignite your path to creating a life and business you server
  • Feeling overwhelmed because of lack of support
  • Just looking for a new tribe to love


This group is for YOU!


Why is this your “not-so-regular” E-Commerce site?

  • I’m truly passionate about your success!
    Not only will you get blogs to help you start + run your online boutique, the services have been set to help you get started on basis of your needs and requirements.
  • There’s is no “One Size Fit All” Formula
    Basics of setting an E-Commerce store can be same but what works for Jo may not work for Harry. Therefore I’ll help you create your own personalized experience!
  • I want to see you truly shine and stand out
    I love my members and love to help them with free resources, collaborations and shout outs. Get your content featured on the website or social media or share your expertise through a #guestblogpost are some ways to help you grow.

Who am I?

  • My name is Garima. I’m wifey, coffee lover, music lover, #bossbabe, consultant and your girl next door kinda- girl.
  • I love writing, creating and listening to music
  • I’m obsessed with quotes.
  • I love Pinterest-ing, watching videos on youtube and binge-watching Netflix
  • I’m not a morning person, though I try to start my day early!
  • I love to travel and meet new people, learn about their culture and lifestyle.
  • I love to do things my way and on my time hence I love running my business because it gives me the freedom to do so.
  • My favorite quote – “Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” – Babe Ruth
  • I genuinely love to help women get started with their own business and take control. There’s nothing more I love than being an inspiration to others.


Ready to join me & other bizbabes?