Having the right tools and resources is as important in a business as having the right strategies because they help you to run your business smoothly, they help you to save time and be more productive.

Here are the tools and resources that I use to run my business.

PayPal – The most common, easy to use payment solution. It’s eBay recommended and super quick to set up.

Ebates – One of my frequently used cashback website. Shop online at your favorite stores via Ebates and get paid for it. Click Here to Sign Up on Ebates.

DSMTool It’s a complete listing to tracking package which helps you to work on growing your business than worry about the stock and item prices.

PicMonkey Photo editor and collage maker for bundled items.

Canva Creating collage and graphics when bundling items together.

Microsoft Excel – To keep a log of all my sales, profits and fees.

Amazon Recommended website to start dropshipping.

Wave Free software for Accounting, Invoices, Payments etc.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping – GoDaddy Bookkeeping is a bookkeeping tool / online accounting software for business owners. It imports your sales and expenses from your business accounts and categorizes them to generate easy to read reports that help you see how your business is going.


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**To Download the Freebies below, click on the image.

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