The Online Boutique Retreat is for women who want to start their own Online Boutique.

I am revealing all the secrets to starting a boutique, selling multiple products, getting tons of feedback and repetitive customers, making passive income without investing thousands of dollars in purchasing inventory.


14 steps, 14 lessons, PDFs and workbooks and final checklist to help you stay on track even when the course is over. I’ll walk you through the process and basic steps for getting started.

Course Includes –

  1. Understanding your “Why”
  2. What do you want to sell?
  3. Choosing your platform to sell
  4. Identifying your customer
  5. Boutique Retreat Branding
  6. Inventory Management
  7. Adding products to shop
  8. Creating Logo
  9. Setting shipping prices
  10. Setting business policies
  11. Discount code
  12. Setting up social media
  13. Biz registration
  14. Launch Day

Kick start your journey TODAY!ย