Have you been dreaming of starting your own Boutique?

Launching your very own clothing/accessories line to share your style & designs with the world.

You want to see people wear your clothing or carry your accessories around, clicking pictures & tagging you in them!

BUT. . . . There’s a small problem. . .

You have no idea how the heck it’s supposed to be done!

You’re trying too hard.

You’re trying to work it all out in between your hectic work schedules and family demands.

You’ve given every technique a try and downloaded every freebie you can find over the internet.

You’re trying to make sh*t happen but most likely you are just combining ideas that you’ve read without a start or an end and wishing for it to work.

Praying for things to work out instead of falling apart. and you can’t figure out why it’s not working for ‘you’ when it seems to be working out for ‘them’.

You look at the cute shops with incredible designs & products & wonder how you are ever going to achieve it?

You don’t have 1000s of $$ for investment to hire a huge team or do a graphic design course. Right?

Aren’t you tired of playing hit and try and not getting anywhere?

Are you struggling to put all the pieces together for your website, then adding products, marketing it and before you know it it’s time for the domain renewal and you haven’t made a penny?

Are you struggling because you have no idea how to set up a website or even make a design on photoshop BUT still trying because you have some amazing ideas that you want to showcase to the world?

The ideas that don’t let you sleep at night and you can’t wait for people to see!

There’s a way to pull it all together and show the world what you’ve got!

So, what’s holding you back?

  • Lack of skills to pull off your idea?
  • Trying everything except what will actually work for you?
  • Doing everything by yourself instead of focusing on what you good at?
  • Overwhelm and frustration because the good website builders are expensive and the inexpensive ones are complicated?


Here’s the truth –

You know deep down that starting your boutique OR adding new clothing line to your existing business is going to be GAME CHANGER for your biz!

But. . . the lack of knowledge – design/skills/money/time etc. are stopping you from taking action making you think – maybe it’s not the right path for you?

Here’s what I want you to know –

You have EVERYTHING that it takes to start & run a successful boutique. All you need is the right guidance, tools & resources to make your dreams a reality.


Imagine –

  • Having a store filled with branded, exclusive designs you & your tribe absolutely love.
  • Running a boutique on auto-pilot so you can spend time doing whatever you want.
  • Take your biz to next level or expand with the income that’s flowing in.
  • Not having to worry about – printing, packaging or shipping items to your customer.
  • Not feeling overwhelmed by all the work by using the tools to work smarter & not harder.

Too good to be true?

Well, it’s not babydoll!

I believe that you are more effective when you are doing things you know and love instead of things you have no idea about

And therefore I’ve created


Step by step guide to help you start & run your successful boutique.

In this course, I’m going to walk you through the step by step process I followed to create unique designs & launch my boutique with zero investment on products.

It’s not just about totes or mugs! (Although they are cute. . . and never enough!) You can choose from a variety of product options like –

T-shirts & Tanks
Yoga Pants
Baby apparels
Bags & Backpacks
Accessory Pouch
Phone Cases & Covers
Posters & Wall Decals
Frames & Wall Clock
and tons more!

And guess what? You can have 100s of products up on your website with zero investment.

Interesting isn’t it?

I know you probably thinking, that’s even possible?

Having a step by step system and checklist to tick things off, keep you on track while making the process fun and easy is the core of this program.

It’s custom made to help YOU create a Boutique that fits your wants, needs, and desires.

So who the hell am I?


I’m Garima! I’m a wifey, coffee lover, curly girl, troubleshooter, hustler, badass boutique babe and your girl next door kinda girl!

I specialize in helping babes wanting to start their Online Boutique with tools & resources that help them successfully run their Boutique. I help them put all the pieces of the puzzle together in a way that makes them feel confident about their boutique, the strategies to grow & share + make it work for them & not the other way around.

Enough about me, hear it from the babes I’ve worked with –

I wanted to open my online store and understand what steps I needed to take for finishing it. I now understand the online store setup better and have done every setup of the store by myself. The information given was very good and explained in detail.
– Jessica Tweeboom

Bri has done a tremendous job working side by side with us at Hipsway. She came in with a consulting plan and executed it fully. She laid out a marketing and design plan and assisted us in implementing it, from completely re-designing our website to incorporating functionality into our Online Business. She is a pleasure to work with and we would without a doubt hire her to do it again”
– Tollie Lancaster, Hipsway

Are you ready for results like these?



You know it won’t happen in a day.

It’s going to take time and work and we both know you are not afraid of hard work, especially if it means accomplishing your goals and making your dreams come true.

Don’t worry! I know you are busy and have a lot of commitments – so everything has been broken down into actionable steps to help you make it happen.

Everything is broken down into modules, easy to print assignments and checklist to make sure you are taking the action that’s required off of you. . .

. . . instead of spending time procrastinating.

Here’s what you’ll be learning in this course –

Module 1 – Basic Boutique Fundamentals –

Dive into the basic fundaments for setting an Online Boutique. Identifying your niche & validating your idea for the boutique. Identifying your ideal customer + how to set yourself apart from your competitors.

Module 2 – Branding –

Digging into the basics of branding, why it’s important & how to add a personal brand to your boutique.

Module 3 – Product –

Identifying what products you want to sell + finding suppliers to source products to your boutique. Finding the right price & understanding how to price your products right to be both – competitive & yet make profits. After all isn’t that why you are starting the boutique in the first place?

Module 4 – Building Boutique –

Identifying the right platform for your boutique – whether you want to sell on Etsy, have a Shopify store or want to try something else, the course will walk you through the pros & cons of each platform so you can make the wise decision. Also, talk about apps you can use to smoothly run your boutique + step by step guide to setting up your store (based on the platform you choose). I will also share templates to write boutique policies so your customers know exactly what to expect when shopping from you.

Module 5 – Photography –

A picture of a t-shirt on a white background will never sell as much as a picture of a girl wearing it in a lifestyle photograph. In this module, I’ll share the tips & tricks on how to get the best photographs for your website & find + use the perfect mock-ups for your products.


Not only this, you’ll also get some crazy goodies & bonuses like –

+ 1 on 1 coaching calls & unlimited access via email & messenger

+ Boutique Planner to Plan your events & seasonal promotions

+ How to start your own Referral Program

+ Business Plan to grow & expand your Boutique

+ Editorial Calendar to create all your social media posts

+ 5 Free Product Mock-Ups

+ Done for you Social Media Graphics

Accomplish Your Goals & Enjoy What You Do.

I’m not going to lie to you.

It’s going to take time to go through the strategies, implement and put all the knowledge into action.

But if you are willing to work hard, then it’ll be worth the effort.

You can stop being worried about –

  • Having to start a boutique or a business only to leave in midway because you stopped feeling excited about it or because became all work and no play.
  • Working hard on your full time or part time job and coming home to the stress of researching and setting things up and doing everything all by yourself


Rather get excited about –

  • Doing what you’ve always dreamt of doing (i.e. opening your online boutique)
  • Building a foundation so the excitement never fades away
  • Having systems set up in place that works for you and not by you
  • Realizing that everything can run smoothly and not have to worry about losing your mind with constant worry


If sold individually, this program would total to be over $1200.

I am PASSIONATE about helping babes who really want to turn their dreams into a reality by starting their own Online Boutique!

Therefore make this course not only accessible but also a total Bargain for you!

It all really comes down to 2 choices –

  1. Keep doing what you are doing
  1. Decide that you deserve more and deserve better and set yourself up for success with this Online Boutique Builder.

What is it going to be for you?