When I first started selling online on eBay, I often had these doubts – why would someone buy from me? I only have 10 feedbacks on my profile, they’ll know I’m a newbie & will buy it from someone else.

Anddd I know I’m not the only one who had these doubts because when selling online, just like you being a customer have reservations buying from a new store, you feel your customers would too.

OverProject (1).png

Therefore, you need to STOP doubting yourself + feel excited because here are 5 reasons WHY a customer would buy from you –

  • They found you first – If a customer found you first before they came across any other boutique. When shopping online, people don’t have time to reverse search a product pic to see where you got the product from so they can compare prices or find a better boutique. They might do it when it comes to high ticket products but for products like phone covers, clothing, home decor, etc. they are more of an impulse buy.

  • You are solving a problem – If you have a product that’s solving a problem a customer as they won’t bother searching more. However, if you are selling a product that can’t solve a problem like clothing, you can still solve a problem by creating content. Ask yourself “What is the biggest problem I can solve for my customers?” and then write a blog about it.

  • You entertain or educate them – If you entertaining your customers on social media or educating them, you’ll be building a bigger audience & social media following than your competitors who aren’t. The audience can then be re-targeted for your boutique.

  • You offer better customer service & you have social proof of it on your website – When starting your boutique, share your products with your friends & influencers in return for pictures & feedback. Customers are more likely to buy from stores with feedback because it gives them more confidence.

  • You offering them better services like discount coupons, free shipping or returns or an exciting deal – Do you have an exciting deal in your boutique? Maybe you just launched a new product & you running a promotion or you want to grab your tribe’s email address so you send them a discount coupon in return of their email address. . .exciting deals & discounts tend to attract more buyers than a boutique that doesn’t have these in place!

  • Let’s not forget the main reason which is – You’ve got an incredible product collection babydoll! If you are 10000% excited about your product, so will be your customers because energy speaks louder than words.

New boutique owners often spend more and more money on getting the website “right” or running Facebook Ads when they should be focusing more on building their audience & spreading the word. Don’t focus on tomorrow but focus on building a strong foundation to grow a successful online boutique.



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