#Confession of A Boutique Bossbabe

Hey Girl!

Today I have a little confession to make …

It’s a secret I’ve never shared with everyone because of the fear of being judged —
but now it’s time to share it and come clean!

In my first year of business, I DID NOT have my sh*t together the way I wanted to or knew I should I have!

There I said it!!

When I started my business, I was so sure of what I wanted, what direction I wanted to take it and how I wanted things to be.

But as the excitement of the business started to burn out, I lost track of my direction.

I tried to do everything at once, making notes, forgetting steps and messing things up!

And because I wasn’t using the right tools or system I ended up

  • Wasting SO MUCH time, energy & resources

  • Feeling frustrated

  • Always in the state of overwhelm

I truly became a “hot mess” (…More mess than Hot thought!!)
This is when I realized I had to do something! I wasn’t getting anywhere and it was time to STEP UP so I could do and enjoy what I love the most!
I had to put the system in place

So baby doll, I’m curious –

💗 Are you nodding your head with everything that I just mentioned?

💗 Are you frustrated because the idea of the boutique you wanted to launch is lost somewhere?

💗 Your excitement of the new side hustle subsided leaving you feeling guilty?

💗 Does less excitement mean less work & less work means not getting enough done?

If not – YOU GO, GIRL! 

I am so proud of YOU because I know how much work it is and how empowering it feels to have everything in place!

BUT if you too are feeling as if you are barely keeping up – how’s that going for you?

Do you feel it’s time to drop in the struggle?

Aren’t you tired of hustling 24/7 and still feeling like you not getting anywhere?

Don’t you want to reap the benefits of your work and actually ENJOY it?

What’s the next step going to be for you, babe?

You can either ignore this email, delete or let it stay in your INBOX just like any other email, get back to whatever you were doing & continue living on a hamster wheel


You can decide to TAKE ACTION, get it all together! 
And if this is the option you want to choose then – I’m here for you!

I need you to know–

You can WAKE UP every morning, EXCITED about the things you get to work on.

You CAN build your side hustle on YOUR terms!

You CAN do the work once and set it up to keep working for you while you’re doing whatever you want to!

You CAN have a busy life yet FEEL in CONTROL while doing your side hustle and not be on phone 24/7!

I really want you to know how EASY + FUN Online Boutique can be. AND—Should be!

And I’m here to help you!

I’ve teamed up with #trendsetter founder + Brand Strategist Bri Long
to bring you the

5 Day Boutique Launch Challenge!

When you join the challenge you’ll get access to daily live trainings, be able to ask questions, and walk through the 5 first steps to launching (or up-leveling) your online boutique!

Online boutique not really your thing?!

That’s totally okay! The 5 steps we will be covering + next level secrets we will be sharing this week are true no matter what type of online business you have!

Our passion is empowering other babes just like you —so we keep it quick + to the point actionable with the content your craving and tools you need!

We’re here to help you get more clarity on how to kickstart your journey along with an actionable plan and how you can use it to your advantage!

Just click here to sign up for the FREE 5 day challenge!


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