What’s the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear the term Dropshipping?

𝤿 WTH is that? or

𝤿 Cheap knock-offs from China?

𝤿 It’s so much more than that!

If you choose the first option then I’d ask you to stop and check out – Why I Love Dropshipping Business Model (And You Should, Too!) before you go ahead and read the rest of the blog post!

For the rest of you babes, let’s dive deep into is dropshipping limited to selling cheap products from China or something more?

Dropshipping – Selling Cheap Products From China or Something More?

Dropshipping is beyond buying and selling low priced products in high quantity to make money. Today we have a lot of wholesalers and dropshippers that aren’t China-based and provide high-quality products for the purpose of re-selling in your Online Boutique.

Not sure where to start? I Got YOU!

I’ll walk you through the steps to help you find a supplier(s) in any niche. 


What is your niche? What products do you want to sell in your Online Boutique? Your boutique is an extension of your niche+supplier – because if your niche is profitable but your supplier has low-quality products or vice versa, your boutique will not flourish! Therefore, it’s important to make sure that everything is aligned from start to finish.


Now that you have our NICHE, you can start researching for suppliers.

Basically, when it comes to research, there are a few techniques you can use to get started.

  • Google Supplier

One of the easiest and fastest ways to find a supplier for your boutique is by doing a google search. Type “Dropship <products>” and hit search.

Example – When I Google-ed “Dropship Clothing”, this is what I got.


with that said, sometimes you might not find a supplier on the first page. Keep researching (1) using different keywords and/or (2) searching beyond the first page.

Also, if you find a supplier that has an old, ugly looking website, don’t just walk past them until you’ve done a thorough search and are satisfied that it’s not what you looking for. Remember – don’t judge a book by the cover.

  • Contact Local Wholesalers

Get in touch with local suppliers to source products for your boutique. It’ll give you an edge over other suppliers selling in the same niche!

  • Dropship Directories

Paid directory of dropshippers that promote their products for the sole purpose of re-selling. You can check out their catalog, product prices and even save pictures to put on your boutique website. They are a great source to brainstorm ideas too if you confused about what product(s) to sell. Some of the most popular one’s are – Doba, SaleHoo and Worldwide Brands.

Below is a table from WorldWide Brands that gives a comparison between the 3 Dropship directories –


  • Curious Babe’s Dropshippers & Wholesaler’s List

At Curious Babe, I’ve created both FREE & PAID list of dropshippers & wholesalers you can use to find suppliers for your boutique.


The Internet is filled with multiple suppliers and dropshippers for your online boutique. But the question remains – how to know which is the right supplier for YOU? Here are a few tips to keep in mind when choosing the right supplier –

  • Customer Support System – It’s essential to choose a supplier that has good customer service system set in place for you. Don’t pick a supplier solely on the basis of the price of their product. Poor customer service can have a negative impact on your boutique.
  • Easy navigation & Order Processing – Dropshipping saves you hundreds of dollars worth of investment on products and tons of labor hours for packing and shipping products. The time and resources you can use to grow your business. And to support that growth, it is essential for the supplier to have easy navigating website and order processing systems in place.
  • 3 Rs – Replacement, Returns & Refund – Do you notice how easy and clear systems are when you shop at Amazon or eBay? That’s the kind of systems and policies you want your supplier to have when it comes to things like – replacement of products, returns, and refunds.
    + Be sure to check if they have any restocking fees for situations like buyer’s remorse.


Do you know believe that dropshipping is so much more than selling cheap knockoffs or China-based products?!

PS – If you really ready and totally over the trial and error of finding suppliers for your boutique (and feel like a failure because you’re not getting anywhere) – don’t hesitate to check out the Curious Babe’s Boutique Supplier’s list. Which one would it be for you??!

Do you want the Free Partial List or the Complete Online Boutique Suppliers List?!


Button1_supplier's list        Button2_supplier's list


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