Selling on eBay is just like running any other brick and mortar business. Runs on the concept of 4P’s – product, place, price, and promotion. You need a product that your target audience/customers are looking for, to ensure that they can find it, price it right to make sure it’s profitable to you and your customer, and promote the product and your store to create more leads and sales.


Here are 10 Tips For Running A Successful eBay Business:

  • It’s important to have a meaningful user ID than just assembling a bunch of alphabets and numbers together. Selling pet products, you can use something relevant like Abby’s Pet Store than abzpet45.
  • Set multiple Business Policies to cater to sellers from multiple countries if you are shipping worldwide.
  • Don’t ship out the item unless marked “Paid” by eBay. If the payment is pending approval wait before it gets cleared.
  • When running an eBay Store, you can also create Sub-Categories in the store.
  • Running a successful eBay business is more than just listing your items on eBay; it’s about creating a complete experience for your customer.
  • If a supplier asks you for monthly fees or any on-going fees for doing business, double check. Chances are they can be “fake”.
  • It’s a myth that eBay is strict with only sellers and not customers. If you are facing an issue with your customer, call eBay and ask them for help. They will be happy to interfere and help you sort things out. E.g. Did you know that if the customer does not ship the item within 5 days of getting the return label, the seller can call eBay to have the return canceled and have the case closed in their favor?
  • Always have conversations via eBay. They can monitor all messages to and fro between seller and customer, thereby making it easy for them to help you in times of need.
  • When using Cashback websites, don’t stick to just 1. Keep switching between at least 2 -3 websites.
  • Don’t change your store name too often. It prevents old buyers from finding you. However, if you’ve got to change, remember once the name has been changed, it can be undone or changed again for 90 days.



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