8 Reasons To Open An eBay Store

If you are an existing eBay seller or just starting new, opening an eBay store is a great way to increase your reach and establish a repo with online customers. Opening an eBay store has a lot of benefits for someone whose serious about doing a full time business. It’s okay if you start without one, but it will eventually add more value to your business and help you scale it to a new level.

8 Reasons To Open An eBay Store

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Here are 8 reasons to open an eBay Store –

  • Increase in Sales – Going from a non store seller to a store owner, I noticed an increase in my sales. On research I found out that according to eBay reports, an average seller with store gets 25% more exposure than a seller without store.
  • Repeat customers – Store owners providing excellent customer service tend to get more repetitive buyers.

  • Saves Time – Opening store saves you a lot of time with special features like Good Till Cancelled listings that you don’t get otherwise. Imagine, having sold 10 Bar Stools, and all of a sudden your listing ends because it’s only for 30 days. All the credibility you built with the sales to attract more customer went down the drain. With every sale you make, your listing gets better visibility on eBay search engine, however, your listing ending will only flush down all your efforts.  With store, your listings will last longer than 30 days and are automatically renewed if the item doesn’t sell. Also, you can keep adding more quantities even without ending your listing.
  • Credibility – eBay store adds credibility to a seller’s account. It also gives you access to eBay’s Seller Center to help you grow your business and boost your sales (more in detail below).
  • eBay has your back – eBay only allows verified members to trade online. Therefore if you get scammed by a customer, eBay would have your back and make sure you don’t loose any money. I once had an incident where a customer refused to return the product but wanted a refund. I asked eBay to step in and not only did I win the case, but I also got her negative feedback removed.
  • More ways to grow your business – Having a store gives you the opportunity to promote your products via promotional listings, email marketing or cross promotional tools. Promoting your listings has an added advantage of getting noticed more; therefore, if you have a seasonal product like Halloween, up on sale at the moment on promotion, it will get better visibility in comparison to those listings that are not on promotion. Similarly with cross promotion, eBay will show your products under the “similar item” category under other seller’s listing, thereby giving your listing more visibility.
  • Free sales reports – Another advantage of having a store is the free sales reports. All store sellers receive free sales reports outlining their monthly activities like gross sales, conversion rate, click through rates etc that you can study to improve your sales. E.g. If your item has high number of clicks but less sales, you can reduce the price to convince your customers to buy from you or you need to evaluate the keywords as it might be attracting the wrong audience.
  • Saves money – When I started growing my business, this was one of my major reasons for me to switch to an eBay store. eBay gives you up to 50 free listings each month. However if you have more than 70 items on your store, it’s only sensible to start your own store because it would not only save you on the listing cost but also give you more free listings per month. With a basic eBay store, you get 250 free listings per month.

Id you’d like to start your own business or learn how to grow an existing one feel free to contact me or check out Start Your Own Online Business

Start Your Own Online Business


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