7 Easy Tips For Having A Productive Day

Working from home can be distracting and not so productive at times. Some days, it’s important to ask yourself – are your being productive or just busy?

7 Easy Tips For Having A Productive Day

  • Put your phone on DND during working hours – The constant ringing of phones, messages, notifications are a major distraction when working. So during the work hours, set your phone on Do Not Disturb Mode so you can concentrate on the work in hand.
  • Remove all distractions from your work place – What distracts you from finishing your work? May be the kids walking in every 5 minutes or your pet keeps scratching the door? Set up your business hours and make sure it’s off limits for kids, pets and everyone else in the house.
  • Don’t repeatedly check social media – This is one of the major distractions for me when I sit down to work. Either the notifications on Instagram would appear (it just did! Lol) or someone would go Live on Facebook just as I’m about to start working. Resist the urge to check them, or best, switch off the wifi on your mobile. Close all the social media tabs (unless you working) and visit them once you through with work.
  • Don’t repeatedly check your emails – Make a habit of answering all your emails at the end of the day instead of replying them while working. It’s more of wasting time than multi-tasking.
  • Use timer – Setting a timer for a specific task would help you eliminate distractions. You could either set a timer for 30 minutes or implement Pomodoro Technique. The concept with Pomodoro Technique is – you set a timer for 25 mins and during that time, you pick 1 task from your list and focus on it. Just 1 task. Then when the time is up, you take a break for 5 and start again with the next task.
  • Establish weekly and monthly goals – Have a to – do list of things you want to accomplish on daily and weekly basis and review it everyday before you go off to bed. If you eliminate a task within 24 hrs, give yourself a small reward or pat on the back. The list will keep you focused and avoid confusion on times when you can’t think of what to do.
  • Organize work space and shut the door – If you spending more than 60 secs to look for something on your work desk, then you are dis-organized. Period. Make sure you organize your desk at the end of the day and shut the door before you leave the room. This will signal your brain that the work for the day is done.

7 Tips For Productive Day

Implement these ideas and watch your productivity improve. It will not only help you grow your business but also boost confidence when you’ll tick stuff off your to-do list and prevent you from burning out yourself.

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