6 Blogs that Changed My Life and Business

I love reading, before it was fiction novels and lately they have been books, blogs, audios, videos, basically anything I can get my hands on that would help me improve my life and my business.

Blogs that Changed My Life and Business

So, today, I thought I’ll share the blogs that changed my life and business –

  1. Bri Long 
    http://www.xxobri.com/Bri is one of my favorite #girlbosses. I started talking to Bri when I approached her for one of my blog posts. She was very kind and not only said yes, but also invited me to join her #girlgang. Her blogs are very inspiring and educational. Her blogs and live videos on Facebook are directed to helping you improve your business and be more productive. She also has a group called #iamtrendsetters in collaboration with other female-entrepreneurs, which brings me to my blog # 2.
  2. #iamtrendsetters
    https://www.iamatrendsetter.com/The #iamtrendsetter community is an all girls community for anyone and everyone. If you are network marketer, health coach, mom, e-commerce store owner, a girlboss, it’s the place to be. From health tips to mindset strategies, social media or lifestyle, the group talks about everything a girl needs to step up and shine.
  3. Melyssa Griffin
    A friend of mine introduced me to Melyssa’s blog last year. It’s a great encyclopedia of free resources from blogging tips to social media, podcasts and more. She’s an online entrepreneur whose recently introduced her blogging bootcamp to help you grow your tribe and turn your blog into a profitable business.
  4. Katie Harp
    http://rebelsaurus.com/I found Katie’s blog on Pinterest. When I clicked on the website, I was so attracted by the vibrant colors and the sweet little dinosaur in her logo, but as I started exploring the website and reading the blog I found myself more and more attracted to it. Katie talks about business, branding, social media and much more. It was one of her blogs that not only gave me the idea to write this blog but also introduced me to Kat Loterzo.
  5. Kat Loterzo
    https://katloterzo.com/I came across Kat’s blog when I started self development back in 2015, however I was a little turned off by her aggressive approach. I was looking for something more subtle back then. But recently after Katie’s blog recommendation, I though of giving it another try and it surely is the kind of doze I needed. Kat surely knows how to kick you in the butt, her f bombs are everywhere but sometimes that’s all you need to get yourself out of your comfort zone.
  6. Maria Pallas
    https://www.mariapallas.com/One of the most beautiful souls I’ve come across. I know I haven’t met her in person, but listening to her videos and Facebook live, you can surely sense her positive vibes. Maria is a healer and coach. I’m attracted to her meditations and vibe videos. If you someone who finds it hard to sit down and meditate, you must check out her YouTube channel. Her guided meditations help you have a positive start to your day.

What are some of your favorite blogs? Post them in the comments below!


Garima. xoxo


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