Get Paid To Shop Online

What is the best way to make money with Cashback Websites?

A cashback website is one that pays it’s members a certain percentage of the sum total when they purchase goods and services via their website. When the customer buys a product online via the affiliate links provided by the cashback websites rather than going to the seller directly, they receive rewards in terms of cashback money, points or certain discount percentage on the final shopping value. The money you make from cashback websites is a type of commission, the retailer gives the website once you have shopped that is further shared with the customer.

One question I’m often asked about is, how to get paid to shop online ?

The answer is simple, simply log on and start shopping. Confused? Continue reading. . . .

There are a lot of cashback websites on the internet. You simply sign up with them (it’s free!) and search them for the retailer you wish to shop from.

Example, if I want to buy a pillow from Bed Bath & Beyond, instead of going to their website directly, I’ll log on to and search for Bed Bath & Beyond and then click through their site using the “Get Cashback now” button. It also states the percentage cashback I will receive after shopping.

How does the website know that you shopped from their link? When you click on the button, the website creates a tracking cookie to alert the website when you’ve done shopping. As long as you make a purchase by clicking through the topcashback or any other cashback website’s link, you would receive the cashback.

As I mentioned above, there are also some websites that provide you discount coupon codes or a certain discount percentage instead of cashback. Read the retailer’s conditions before clicking over the link on the cashback websites, just to make sure.


How much cashback can I receive from shopping via these websites?

The amount of money cashback websites give away varies from site to site and day to day. Some days it might be between 5-7% and some days as low as 2% depending on the websites you are shopping from. Special promotions with retailers can even lead to cashback as high as 10%. Therefore, it’s important to sign up to their newsletter, so you can take advantage of these promotions. Some websites even send you discount coupons in email for further discounts.

How much money you make via cashback websites are totally dependent on the amount of shopping you do online. If you are a dropshipper like me and use the websites for cashback while making your purchase, it is important to shop using multiple websites instead of relying on just one.

It’s also important to know that the cashback aren’t approved immediately after shopping. Depending on the retailer, it may take as high as 14 weeks for the cashback to be approved. Once approved, you can cash out the approved balance or payout in form of bank transfers, gift vouchers, PayPal, Bank checks, Reward cards or more.

It’s possible to make money from cashback websites but how much totally depends on how much you shop. If you do bulk shopping of over $1000 a year, with average 4% cashback you can easily add $400 to you bank account. You can refer your family and friends and make some extra bucks too.

get paid to shop online

It’s easy to say that it’s a great way to make some extra cash when shopping online. After all, who wouldn’t want that?!

P.S. I know it’s been a long time since I posted anything on the blog. I was traveling to India to meet my family and friends. But now, that I’m back, there’s lots planned up for everyone! Stay tuned to the blog and head over to Curious Babe’s Facebook page for more updates and information.





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