Excuses That Are Holding You Back

“Tomorrow – A mystical land where 99% of all human productivity, motivation and achievement is stored.”

We all are exceptionally good when it comes to making plans and strategy for our daily routine, work or travel. But have you noticed how many of these plans actually see the light of the day? How many of these are implemented and worked upon? Very few, may be!

We always think of starting a new routine from tomorrow and end up re-scheduling it again and again, giving ourselves excuses of not having enough time, energy, hours in a day etc. These might seem genuine at that time but in reality they are the ones holding us back from achieving out goals and what we truly deserve.

Let’s look a little closer on these excuses –

  • I Don’t Have Time –

We always seem to think that there’s ample of time in future to do what we want, travel to our favorite destination, do adventurous activities or spend time with our loved ones. But the reality is, there is no such thing as ample time. You want something bad enough, you’ll have to make time for it. Stop making and re-making bucket lists and start making time for them.

The famous phase – “If not NOW, Then When?” has been used for centuries by motivational speakers, leaders and authors to encourage you to better your own productivity in your everyday life. Use the phrase to determine what’s important and worth taking action than falling into the pitfalls of procrastination.

  • I Don’t Have Money –

One the most common excuse in today’s time. But, what do you do when you don’t have money? You make more money or you try to squeeze in your expenses so you can save more money. You can start your own part time business or take another job? May be shop a little less and save a little more. If you really want something so bad, you are going to find a way to make it happen. Don’t let the scarcity affect you from achieving what you want.

Don’t let not having enough money stop you from starting your own business because the whole purpose of starting one is to make more money. Can you see the irony?

  • I Don’t Feel Like It –

“Make it happen now, not tomorrow.”, said Andrew Fashion, “Tomorrow is a loser’s excuse.” I’ll do it tomorrow is a common phrase used by most in today’s time. We delay everything for tomorrow. “I’ll start a new diet from tomorrow” or “I’ll go for a walk from tomorrow, I’m too tired today”; “I’ll be more productive tomorrow” and the list goes on and on and before you know it, that tomorrow never comes. and you continue to live the way you’ve always lived.

We all have dreams and aspirations we want to accomplish in our lives, however we let these and many such excuses get over our way and before we know it, times goes by with no new adventures and experiences. Take action and make things happen.


You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do. – Carl Gustav Jung

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What excuses are holding you back? What actions are you going to take to get over them and truly achieve what you deserve? Would love to hear your answers in the comments below!




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