How To Get Organized? 3 Areas To Clean Up Today!

Do you know cluttered house often leads to cluttered mind and unsuccessful behavior? Lack of organization can cause stress, distraction and chaos in every area of your life.

When I moved to Melbourne 3 yrs back, I was very unorganized in life. Throw things around, with the “I’ll pick up later” attitude, scattered things, messy wardrobes and what not. I did not realize how much it was affecting my productivity when I came across an article by Susan Sly. She said that the results we get in our life, personal or professional are directly related to how organized you are in your life. When we get organized in our life, we not only get clear on our goals but are also able to focus more on what’s important. Whether you want more time to spend with your family or friends, freedom to relax, more money or just have a simple work life balance, it all starts with getting organized.

I was blaming the little house we used to stay in for the clutter and mess when it was me who was so unorganized. Susan talks about 3 areas in your life that need to be organized – your office, home and life.

  • Organizing your office – Organizing the office does not mean cleaning up your desk and pushing things inside the drawers. Instead it means planning and creating a schedule; organizing your day to day tasks and streamlining your workflow.Clutter inside the drawers or outside on table are both harmful for productivity. Therefore, it’s important to purge out the clutter and unnecessary things; placing the important docs in order and planning your tasks ahead.
  • Organizing your home – Organizing your home ahead of time is important as well. Think of the amount of time you spend around the house? You could be spending that time doing the things you love, being creative, spending time with family or friends or just getting some work done. Organizing your house will make you more focused, will help you save time that you spend looking for things around the house and help you de-clutter the mess around. All in all, give you a more balanced living.

    You can start with throwing away or donating the things you haven’t used in 6 months. Chances are if you haven’t used a thing in 6 months, you are not going to use it ever. They can be clothes, shoes, bags or anything else you can think of.

    sell clothes.jpg

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  • Organize your life – Do you feel like you moving in circles? You are putting too much effort and not getting the results you feel you deserve? This usually happens because of poor time management and lack of organization. When you organize your life, you have more time to work; when the house is organized, you can focus on what you doing than on the clutter around the house.

Susan made a very interesting point in one of her articles when she said – “when you guard your time in recognition of your worth – and when you learn to respect yourself as much as you respect everyone else (and their time) – you will literally see miracles start to happen!” I completely agree with her. If you won’t respect your time, you cannot expect others to respect it too.


The first step to getting anything done isto get started. If you want to organize your life, you need to act and clear out the clutter, from your office, house and your life.

Read more on how you can de-clutter your house, starting from your wardrobe.

So, what are you going to do today to organize your life?

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