How to Use eBay Analytics to Improve Your Sales

A seller can do a lot of things to get a sale, however, one of the most important among it is to get a great product ranking on eBay and beating the competitors to it.

To do so, you no more have to leave things to guesswork or chance; you can adjust your listings and watch how your changes are doing for you at the Seller Manager by using the eBay’s Listing Analytics App. eBay designed the app for it’s users in conjugation with Terapeak, one of the most popular market research tools designed for eBay sellers.

eBay Listing Analytics Tool can help you with –

  • Tracking your eBay transactions – sold listings and revenue generated.
  • Calculate how many eBay search impressions and clicks received by your listing.
  • Identify your best and worst transactions using key metrics.
  • Analyze and show how your listings have trended over time.
  • Identifying new and hot selling products to ensure growth and increase in sales.

The application is available for free and can be used by any eBay seller who wishes to analyze his/her account.

To subscribe to Listing Analytics –

  1. Go to the App Center on
  2. Search for Listing Analytics using the search boxIt will look like this –


  3. Once you click on Listing Analytics, there will be a button that says “Get it free”.
  4. Click on that and subscribe for it.listing_analytics_subscription

For more improved results, you can also add “Terapeak” to your list of applications for use. It’s a paid subscription of $19.98 per month however, it also comes with a 7 day trial. Terapeak is helps you to conduct detailed market research to find hot categories, hot/ most selling items in your niche, trends and top sellers.


Do you use external apps when listing on eBay or to monitor your sales? What are your favorite apps? Would love to know them in the comments below!

Some succeed because they are destined to. But most succeed because they are determined to.



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