List & Monitor Apps For eBay

Business can be made easy by learning quick and simple hacks that would not only save tons of time, but make working efficient and effective.

eBay listing can be tedious sometimes, especially when you doing it part time while managing your daily tasks and chores. Therefore instead of spending hours listing on eBay, you can opt in for a listing tool and price tracker that would help you list and monitor your items while you work on other aspects like growing your business or other priorities in your personal life.

Even though eBay offers it’s sellers with Turbo Lister, a free tool that helps you create professional looking listings, there are various other options in the market that are worth a try.

My recommendation would be InkFrog and/or DSMTool.

If you opting for listing only, InkFrog is the way to go. It’s integrated with eBay requirements and also comes along with order and customer management system. Inkfrog comes with various marketing tools like built in auto email system and professional looking eBay listings that would help you stand out from the crowd. And the best part is that you can try InkFrog for free for up to 10 listings and see if it’s worth paying for, for running your store.

Whereas, DSMTool is a complete system in itself designed to make dropshipping easy for you. DSMTool helps you to list your items on eBay, manage cash flow and monitor your inventory and prices all in one. This too comes with a free trial for up to 50 listings and 5 mobile friendly eBay templates  to choose from.

If you just looking for something to list, InkFrog is a good option, however if you looking for a complete listing and price tracking package, I’d recommend opting for DSMTool.


I hope this quick eBay listing tip helps your online business grow. Do you use any software to list or track prices on eBay? I’d love to hear in the comments below!


It is not how hard you work, but how much you get done.

**Please note – The links provided in the post are not affiliate links, which means I do not earn anything if you sign up using these. I only recommend products I’ve personally used and found helpful.



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