FAQs About Dropshipping on eBay

Here’s 10 FAQs – frequently asked questions about dropshipping on eBay

  1. What do I need before I start my dropshipping business on eBay?

The very basics needed to start your own dropshipping business on eBay are –

  • eBay account – You can start with a sellers account or a regular account and jump into store as you grow.
  • PayPal account – It is the recommended method of payment for doing business on eBay.
  1. When dropshipping from a 3rd party supplier, will the dropshippers call / talk to my customers or promote them other products?

No, the dropshippers don’t connect with your customers in any way for information or selling their other products. The only point of interaction with the customers is yours. The dropshippers fulfill the order and send out the package to the mentioned address. It’s advised to give your phone number when placing the order rather you’re your buyers; this way the courier company can contact you in case of any issues with delivery or address.

  1. Yayyie! I got my first sale. But what should I do now? How do I submit my order?

Each supplier has an order fulfillment center of their own that can be contacted via email (CSVs or Excel Sheet), on their website or over phone with the customer rep. Depending on what is preferred by your supplier, you can place an order with them.

  1. What is the handling and processing time for a dropshipping order?

Handling and processing time for each supplier is different. However, most suppliers are able to process, pack and ship out your items within 1 business day while some may take 2-3 business days.

  1. How do I receive tracking information for my order? How would I use it?

Once the order has been shipped out, the supplier sends you the tracking number. This can be either in form of an email or text. Once you have the tracking number in hand, you have to go to eBay-> Selling -> Orders-> waiting shipment; you select the order and mark it as shipped. Add the tracking number for the buyer so they can monitor their package if they have to.

  1. Who pays for the shipping cost being charged by the dropshipper?

Most dropshippers include shipping cost in their final value. Therefore, you are responsible for paying for the shipment. You can charge the same cost from the buyer by including it in your it’s selling price.

  1. Do orders include invoice? Will my customer know that I didn’t send them?

The orders are packed and sent out as if you dispatched them. They don’t contain invoice or any other material that would make the customer doubtful or suspicious.

  1. How to I return the item?

If for some reason, your buyer wants to return the item, you can contact your dropshipper and ask them for a return label that can be send to your customer. Once the item is returned to the supplier, he would issue you the return cost which can then be transferred to your customer.

Also note, some suppliers charge re-stocking fees for returns; make sure you are charging the same from your buyer else you’ll end up paying it from your pocket. For the purpose of charging re-stocking fees, you ought to mention the same in your listing.

  1. Who will pay for the return shipping cost?

Returns usually happens for 2 reasons – 1) The buyer received a wrong/broken product; 2) The buyer changed their mind. In case of buyer receiving the wrong broken product, it is your responsibility to pay for the return shipment cost which you can charge from your supplier or persuade them to offer free shipping. While in case or buyer’s remorse i.e. buyer changing their mind about the product, the shipping cost is paid by the buyer itself.

  1. Do dropshippers ship internationally?

This differs from supplier to supplier however, most suppliers do ship internationally. The best way is to get in touch with the suppliers and discuss about cost, shipment, returns etc.

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.


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