5 Simple Ways To Write Product Description That Sells

Writing a product description is a little tricky because you not only want to describe your product but also convince the customer to buy it from you.

Therefore, here are 5 simple ways to write product description that sells-

  • Focus on who your buyer is:

When writing a product description keep your ideal buyer in mind and write as if you are personally addressing them. You can have a witty description or a humors one, a simple one addressing their needs or just basic one highlighting the features of the item.When it comes to writing the description, don’t copy and paste what the supplier gave it to you, do a little research or make your own covering all the points.Below are 3 product descriptions for the same Book Shelf –




Product Description 1
– The description contains all the details mixed together. The features are all put together, copied from the supplier. It could be improved by putting bullet points and easy to read.

Product Description 2 – Even though it contains all the information BUT the font is difficult to read and the policies aren’t clear.

Product Description 3 – Is the example of perfect description among the 3 because it’s clear, is has bullet points and description in the end. Anyone whose in hurry, can glance through the points and decide if they want to buy it or not.

  • Allure with Benefits:

Buyers are not interested in the everyday, mundane features of your products; when they read the description, they want to know what’s in it for them and how the product will benefit them, thereby making their lives better.e.g. If you listing a kid’s storage chest box, mention how it will help them keep the kid’s room tidy without having to keep the toys all over the room. Or, if you listing a car seat, explain how it’s easy 1 click button can help them set the seat up without having to keep their kid down.Attract your buyers with –

What are it’s benefits

How buying the product would make them feel – happy, revealed, excited?

What problems or life glitches would it solve for the buyer?

  • Avoid the Yeah, Yeah Phrases:

I came across a very interesting point at Shopify about writing descriptions. When we stuck with what to write and don’t have much information from the supplier, we often end up adding lines like “must have” or “excellent product/ high quality product”.These are the yeah, yeah phrases that make the potential buyer chuckle when they read your description. They’ll end up thinking yeah that’s what every buyer says. Have you seen any buyer describe their product as average or bad?This makes the product less persuasive. (I’m guilty of doing it myself!) If you don’t have much information or don’t know what to write, always google about the product. You can get hints from customer comments of the buyer or any other website that has reviewed the product.

If you look at the example below, the seller has added customer reviews along with the features to avoid the yeah yeah phrase from the buyer.

  • Provide Social Proof:

As mentioned in the point above, customer reviews add an assurance to the buyers that the seller is not just describing the product for selling it, it is used and appreciated by other buyers as well. A social proof that not only is the product worth buying when the buyer is unsure about the purchase but also that you are a trustworthy seller and people are happy after making their purchase.reviews
The above customer reviews not only talks about the different products the seller has to offer, but also how the customers felt after dealing with the seller itself.

  • Make the listing scan able and quick to read:

Have you ever gone to amazon.com to buy a product, looked at the picture, the features on the side and bought the product even without scrolling to the bottom to read the description? That’s the power bullet points have.If your product has easy to read, scan-able bullet points, the buyer will not look further. He’ll get all the information he needs to know by scanning those points. Whereas, if you write paragraphs n paragraphs about your product description, no matter how good they are, it will not make buying process easy for the buyer.description.pngThis buyer has easy to the point features of the product along with the image in his description so the buyer doesn’t have to think much.

If you are a seller what points do you like to highlight in your product description? If you are a buyer, what do you look for when you shop online? Share your idea of a good product description.


How badly you WANT something dictates how hard you’ll WORK at it – Anonymous


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