Do’s & Don’ts Of Selling Online

Thinking of starting your own Boutique?


Here are a few Do’s & Don’ts to keep in mind –

+ You’re starting a Business:  We all have heard of the famous saying – “As you sow, so shall you reap”. Don’t take the business lightly even if you doing it part-time or as a hobby.

+ There’s nothing as the perfect description: You can not get everything right from the first day. You might make errors with the title, or the shipping or the product information or even with the pictures ( I still sometimes do after 2 yrs!) but that’s O-K-A-Y. As time goes on, you’ll get a hang of it. Sale or no sale, there’s always room for improvement.

+ Keep Going: Keep selling, keep learning.

+ Add and Delete:  Your online boutique is not just about adding and adding new products. If you haven’t sold anything in a while, delete them before you add new ones. Especially when you selling on marketplaces to avoid accumulating listing fees and when you are manually managing your inventory.

+ Add Pictures: Always upload clean and clear pictures to help your customers understand what you are selling, how it looks and how it can be used. Don’t leave anything up for guessing.

+ Answer queries ASAP and Provide excellent Customer Service: Whenever you get queries from a buyer, answer them ASAP. If you’ll delay in replying, there are chances that the buyer would buy it from someone or somewhere else. Customer Service is very essential for repetitive customers and getting good referrals and feedback. You can go a long way with good customer service.

+ Take 5 before answering: I know I’m contradicting my last point. But, there will be times when you’ll have disturbing, annoying or frustrating customers, that you would want to punch in the face (I’ve had them and still get them sometimes!), maybe messaging you after 2 hrs of placing order to ask if you shipped it out or be impatient about their orders or make some other irrelevant and dumb demands. Remember, you are running a business, the buyer on the other end may not know anything about it. So relax, take 5 and decide what you want to answer and move on with your day. Don’t let it get on to you.

Starting & running an Online Boutique can be overwhelming. Don’t let the frustration get to you! Snag the free “Online Boutique Checklist” to help you eliminate the stress and launch your boutique.

Start by doing what is Necessary; Then do what’s Possible; And suddenly you’re doing the Impossible. 


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