Dropshipping on eBay vs. Self-store has been a topic of discussion for many since the concept of dropshipping has been gaining popularity and people are becoming aware about it. However, deciding on which platform to sell can be a little tricky if you just starting out. The table below gives you the pros and cons of dropshipping on eBay vs. dropshipping on your own store.




Get Started Easy to start with – create your account and you can start listing immediately. Requires you to spend time making your own website or store or you can opt in to shopping carts like Shopify or WooCommerce.
Listing Fees Listing on eBay is free upto a certain number of listings, post that you have to pay 30cents per listing. No listing fees if you have your own website set up with WooCommerce; where as you can sell on Shopify with a basic plan of $29 per month.
Monitoring and Re-Listing If you just starting out and don’t have a store on eBay, you’ll have to constantly monitor and re-list your items when the listings end. No issue of monitoring or re-listing. The items once listing will not be removed unless you do it yourself.
Marketing, Audience and Traffic eBay gets tons of traffic on its website which means your listings too will get tons of free traffic there you will not have to put too much of effort in marketing. To get sales on your store, you’ll have to put both time and money to drive traffic using marketing, SEO, paid ads etc.
Complexity Listing on eBay is easy. Fill out the information in the right columns and your item is up for sale. Having your own store is complex. You’ll be responsible for setting up the design, layout and webstore formation. Basically handling the technical and non-technical part of it.
Credibility and Trust eBay is a renowned website with tons of buyers and sellers. It’s a secure platform thereby giving the buyers an assurance that they are protected in case any issues or complexities arise. Sellers may or may not be interested in buying from an independent website unless they are fully satisfied that they would get what they are looking for without complexities.
Customization eBay provides a standard listing to all its sellers. The maximum customization a seller can do is add a template to their product description. Having your own website gives you the opportunity to customize it the way you like. You can change themes to match seasons, products, themes etc.
PayPal Holds When a newbie starting out on eBay, PayPal will keep your sale money on hold until the product is marked shipped. They sale money is released within 3 – 5 business days of shipping out an item. Therefore, if you dropshipping, you’ll have to make the purchase from your own pocket. There are no PayPal holds in your own webstore.

So which option would you go for? If you are a newbie just starting out selling on eBay is a good opportunity for you to learn and explore the world of dropshipping. You can save a lot of cost on website building, SEO, paid advertising etc. eBay gives you the audience to put your product in front of and if you worried about PayPal holds, there’s always a way to get out of PayPal holds quickly.

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