How to Dropship With Aliexpress?

And I’m back with another post about Dropshipping!

Did you get a chance to read “What is Dropshipping?” and get a hang of the process?

If you haven’t check it out here!

Imagine – Starting your own e-commerce business with little or no investment at all, sitting and working from the comfort of your home or while doing your job or traveling, and having the ability to make passive income sounds like a dream come true.

Isn’t it? It surely is!

Dropshipping lets you start your own e-commerce business without having to worry about inventory storage, packaging, and shipping.

One of the most talked-about dropshippers in the world of e-commerce is no-other than Aliexpress. Oberlo recommends it, so does a lot of other e-commerce gurus.


How to Dropship with AliExpress? + Is it a good idea?

For newbies, AliExpress is a wholesale platform provided by that offers millions of quality products from Chinese suppliers at factory low price. Unlike other suppliers on, you can use AliExpress for dropshipping. They offer free worldwide shipping for their products.

AliExpress brings you to a huge variety of products and suppliers that have no upfront charge for their products and are willing to ship as low as 1 product to your customers, unlike where they have Minimum order quantities associated with each product.

Suppliers on AliExpress are aware that the buyers on their website are re-sellers only interested in dropshipping their product. There are great photos, description and competitive prices making it easy for you to choose AliExpress.

When your customer places an order on your store, you simply go to AliExpress and place the order inputting the address of your customer.

If it’s so easy and simple is Dropshipping with AliExpress a good idea?

It is only if you selling the products on your website/store and not a marketplace like eBay or Amazon.

When you searching products on AliExpress, you’ll notice the estimated delivery time for each product is different and usually lies between 30-50 days. Yes, you read it right! 30 – 50days. But if you opt for the ePacket option, your time reduces down to almost half.

Having said that, it still takes more time than usual dropshippers to deliver products to your customers because it’s being shipped out of China!


Let’s talk about – ePacket? What is ePacket?

ePacket is a delivery agreement between US Postal Service and HongKong Postal service to deliver lightweight products faster in order to boost E-Commerce growth. It can be used for items weighing up to 2 kilos. Most ePacket options when chosen provide you with free shipping, however, it can cost a little for others.

Low cost, free and quick shipping, the products are great for dropshippers to add high margins and sell online.

I’m sure now you are wondering, but Garima, why someone would buy it from me instead of shopping directly from AliExpress?

AliExpress is a known website but not many have the patience to go through the entire website to search and find the product they want. So if you establish a brand, create your presence in the market and provide good quality content and products, people would be happy to pay a little extra.

Bonus Tip – You can also use AliExpress for dropshipping when you testing your market. So many times we have an idea of a product or niche and not sure if it’s profitable or not. Should you go ahead with the product and buy in bulk? or should you do more research? That’s when dropshipping from AliExpress would help you test your waters.

PS – If you looking for more options other than AliExpress, be sure to check out the FREE “Online Clothing Boutique Wholesalers List” for non-China based suppliers.

Today, put your fears behind you and get started on YOUR first small steps to achieving YOUR dreams. Yes, You can do it! You must believe YOU can succeed!



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