How To Sell On eBay For Beginners

Selling on eBay is not rocket science, anyone can do it. I read a very interesting line the other day on Facebook. Someone had written – We all have something to sell. It got me wondering how true that statement is. We all have something lying around in the house that we can sell. Who wouldn’t appreciate some extra cash? We all have bills to pay, some class we want or the course you’d like to join or even the pedicure you’d like for yourself. It was a great suggestion for anyone who’d love to try, but when I read the comments in the post, it made me realize that most people don’t know how to do it. Moment of truth – I too didn’t! When I was first introduced to the concept of eBay, I had no idea on how to put up a listing, take pics or even for that matter, write a title for my product.

It took me a lot of practice a little tips and tricks here and there to get to where I am. You’ll have to do the practice part, but to make things easy, here’s the step by step instructions on how you can sell on eBay.

Step 1 Click on the sell button on the right side top corner of your eBay homepage.

Step 2 – Enter what you are selling.

Step 3 Pick a category – Based on the product you mentioned in step 2, eBay would give you a few categories to choose from.

Step 4 Title – It describes to buyers what your product is. Use keywords related to your product to use all the 80 characters in the title.

If you want, you can check out related keywords for your product on Title-Builder. (

Step 5 Describe the condition of your item. If it’s used, highlight details on defects or why you want to sell it. It will help buyers to connect with you and your product.

Tip: Always mention if the item has any defects. That way you don’t have anything to hide and the buyer would not return the item or do a case on you for false or misleading information!

Step 6 Putting Pictures

  • Click lots of pictures of your product. Front, back, side, enhancing on any designs, patterns or defects (if it has any).
  • Always try to take a picture with a white background.
  • Leave nothing for the buyer to guess. They should know what they are buying and what you are selling.
  • Pictures should of size 500px x 500px or more. If you have a small picture, you can re-size it by using Paint.

Step 7 Item Specifics – Don’t let them scare or overwhelm you. Fill out whatever information you know and leave the rest. It’s not a compulsion to fill it all. The purpose of these details is to help buyer find your product on eBay.

Step 8 Description –  Give a detailed description of your product. You can write a bit about it and then specify it’s features and any other necessary details the buyer should know before purchasing the product.

E.g. If you selling a White Chest of Drawers – Your description would be –
It’s good for storage, can fit into any room and goes well with all kind of home decors.

Features –

  1. White colour
  2. 5 drawers
  3. Perfect for kids’ bedroom
  4. Wooden material
  5. Laminated particle board
  6. Easy to assemble.

5 simple ways to write product description that sells will help you write the perfect description for your products.

Step 9 Price – When listing the product, it’s best to put your listing up for 10 or 30 days. 10 days shows the buyer the urgency to sell and that it might be available for too long. Therefore, calling for an immediate action. If you want to put it for auction, you can start with bidding at the price you suit fit.

While pricing your item, make sure you consider all the factors from eBay fees, PayPal fees sales tax etc. Learn more on how to price your items right so you make profits instead of losing money from your pocket.

Step 10 Payment – PayPal is the recommended method of payment for eBay. Enter your PayPal address where required. If you opting for pick up only, you can specify the option too.

Step 11 – Postage – eBay provides you with several postage options. You can pick any of those or Local pick, based on your product and requirements.

Handling Time: It is the stated time frame within which you ought to post your item. It’s always calculated on Business Days. (Monday to Friday)

Step 12 – Return Policy – When selling your product on eBay, it’s your option to accept or reject returns. You can specify it in your eBay listing. However, in case of defects, misleading description not matching the item or damage during postage, the buyers have the right to return and claim a refund.

This completes your listing! Click continue and your listing is up for sale!


Did you benefit from these steps and list your item on eBay? How was your experience? Leave your answers in the comments below!

Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. – Albert Einstein


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