Did you know there’s a way for you to start your own Online Store / Boutique without investing thousands of dollars on inventory or storage or packaging and shipping? It’s called Dropshipping

What is dropshipping? How does it work?

Dropshipping is a unique retail selling model that allows you to ship products directly from the supplier to your customer without having to do anything by yourself. You don’t see or handle the product. Everything is done and handled by the supplier.

Let’s say you want to open a store on eBay selling NFL merchandise (hey it’s football season!!!!). You find a supplier and list their products on eBay. When a customer buyers from your eBay store, you place the order with your supplier and they pack and ship off the item to your customer. Wola! Nothing goes from your pocket since you purchase from the supplier at retail price, sell to your customer at wholesale price and keep the profit in your pocket.

How to get started?

You can start your own dropshipping store NOW. It’s simple and easy.
Step 1 – Step up your eBay store and PayPal account
Step 2 – Find your niche
Step 3 – Find your dropshipping supplier
Step 4 – Start Listing

How to set up your eBay Account

Go to ebay.com to set up your account. You can opt for seller account when starting out. Log on to paypal.com to set up a free business paypal account. It is the recommended payment method to trade on eBay.

How to Find your niche

Pick a niche that interests you or excites you or is your expertise. E.g. If you handy, do a lot of DIY and have knowledge of hardware and tools, you can start with home improvement. Or if you love interior designing or it excites you, you can opt for Home and Kitchen.
There are a lot of categories and sub-categories on eBay to choose from.

You can also grab your FREE copy of 99 E-Commerce Niche List . This will save time and help you move on to the next step quickly.

How to find your Dropshipping Supplier

You can find dropshippers on –
• Amazon
• Doba
• SaleHoo
• Aliexpress

How to list items on eBay

Once you have all the above ready, you can start listing on eBay!! One of the benefits of using eBay over other e-commerce platforms is that it generates traffic for you. You can do social media promotions to drive traffic to your store but that would be an added bonus to the existing eBay generated traffic.

To be a champ, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will – Sugar Ray Robinson


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