Breathe. Step Back. Analyse. React

Our lives have become so hectic and complicated that we sometimes forget to live and enjoy it than just breathe and keep hustling. Hustling is good, but it’s important to take time out and appreciate what you have, where you’ve reached and what you want to do further in life.

I was confused since morning what to write about, what should I say that would add value to my reader, I asked myself the question and then got busy with business and other work and then it stuck me, why not share what I learnt today.

We all have ups and downs in life, we fall sick physically or sometimes hustle so much that we are mentally tired and exhausted and when we reach that stage, we curse ourselves, we angry because we don’t have control over our body, we don’t have the same energy, the same motivation or inspiration to move forward, the same enthusiasm to do things and we put extra effort into doing things that came to us effortlessly otherwise.

I’ve done it and I’m sure a lot of us are out there who do that too. While talking to a friend, I realized that during the midst of low phases we all tend to beat ourselves up. What we forget is that we can not control everything that happens with us. If you fall sick, it’s not your fault. If you stuck in traffic while going for an important meeting, it’s not your fault. There are a lot of times, we come across situations that we have no control of. So what do we do when we feel low, or in a bad mood or sick and discouraged?

We’ve got to take a step back, BREATHE and take 5.

Simple, isn’t it?

I know most of you are thinking, that’s it? I thought so too. But Yes, that is it. It’s as simple as taking a step back, taking a deep breathe and analyzing your situation. Is it your fault? Can you control what’s happening? Can you do something to change it? If it’s yes, go ahead and do what needs to be done; but if it’s no, then STOP pestering yourself.

Another awesome advice I got from her today was to keep my favorite things handy at all times. Be it playlist of my favorite songs, my favorite movie, my go-to quotes or funny videos on YouTube or Pinterest and the best one – favorite candies!! After all who doesn’t love a candy? So taking her advice, I made a Pinterst board I4Inspire putting some things I love, made a playlist of some of my favorite songs on my phone and put princess diaries and some other favorite movies on download.

So here’s my advice to you all for the next time you feel low (physically or mentally) or discouraged  do the following –

  • Take 5! Just BREATHE in, step back, PAUSE and analyze the situation. Control the things you can and let go of those you can’t.
  • Second, make a list of things that cheer you up. Those Beyonce songs that make you want to move or your favorite movie that makes you jump up with happiness, or the YouTube video that gives you chills and keep them with you at all times. Go to them every time you need a little motivation or push and just like that, things would fall into place!

Don’t forget to check out my go to Pinterest Board.



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